How does it work?

Follow on for a step-to-step guide on how to get your products customised online.

1. Standard Customisation

Currently, only the Bespoke Cushion is available for standard customisation. Please contact/visit us for other customisation needs.

Bespoke Cushion Gift


2. Decide Your Customisation Style

Hand-Sewn Embroidery

Customise With Swarovski Crystals

Choose up to 10 alphabets, excluding letter-spacing. Both upper and lowercase letterings are allowed.

Fixed Position:

Crystal Letterings will be positioned on loungewear/sleepwear sleeves (left for men, right for women), and the ends of pillow cases.


Both types pf customisation processes take 15 working days to complete.


3. Choose Your Text

Choose your 10-letter text before adding your customised product to cart.

Upon checking out, you will be contacted personally on confirmation of the customisation request.

4. For All Other Customisation Requests

Contact us at:
Tel: +65 8357 9246
Instagram Messaging,
or visit us at any of our stores.